Saturday, May 1, 2010

On credit and houses and such

Credit is a bitch. It puts all your financial flaws in black-and-white hard copy.

But you need it if you want to finance a car, house, etc. I want a house.

Creditboards has some excellent forums that one can learn from. It turns out that Consumer Reporting Agencies have been fed a lot of lies and inaccuracies from creditors and debt collectors. If you clear up their lies, then your credit score improves, which in turn increases your credit options and improves your interest rates.

Like anything worth doing, improving or understanding your credit is work. It also means that you have to answer some really uncomfortable questions about your habits. It means that you have to be honest with yourself, do your homework, and make changes. It even means that you have to make some sacrifices. However, you should know your rights, and knowledge cannot be taken from you. Learn more about your credit today! Take charge of your financial life.

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