Friday, December 12, 2008

In which life has happened...

Good God, life just happened and I've forgone blog-posting! Thanks to Richard for reminding me!

Um, ok, Finished the novel, kitty (Schmendrick) went missing, kitty was found, renamed (now Count Albus von Schmendrick) after his third brush with death. Yes, third. In four months. He's only about 7 months old total. He's a cuddle monster with a furry death wish, and he's scared of Isis, our queen cat. She needs only a short name to embody her majesty. Be afraid!

I injured my back while reaching for a doorknob. Yes, it is possible. Keep up on your spinal health, kiddies. Sake works wonders for easing stress. Use it.

I read Mists of Avalon for the first time. Funny, it broke a lot of rules that I've been told you shouldn't break when writing a novel.

I saw the Twilight movie. It wasn't awful if you're a fan of the book. If you're not a fan of the book, then it was awful. The girl who played Bella did a great job. Robert Pattinson is lucky he reminds me of Gabriel, who is hottness itself. Yeah, that's right. It's spelled hottness, bitches! Some of the characterizations and casting I totally didn't get. The guy who played James seemed miscast. Some of the clothing was a bit, er, vampy. It was almost campy vampy if you follow me. As in not very fresh in approach to vampire fashion. It looked sorta lame. The girl cast as Rosalie is ten thousand percent NOT what I pictured. The guy who plays Jasper is equally so. I mean, he's supposed to be from the Civil War as in from the 1850's, not Civil War as in the Marvel Comics crossover megalith from earlier in the year. I couldn't tell if he looked 2008 or 1798, but he sure as hell didn't look 1858. Ah, no.

However, the script was ok, and the few variations from the book were actually well done, with respect for the text (unlike that HORRID Eragon film. Gah!), and in keeping with the tone and fanbase. The special effects were kind of awful. The cameo of Stephenie Meyer in the film was cute and unexpected. I doubt I'll get the DVD's but I'll probably see the next film when it comes out.

Currently reading book 2 of the Darksword Trilogy (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman RULE!). I'm enjoying it!

Reread Watchers by Dean Koontz. Such a great fucking story, even 22 years later. It barely seems dated. I read it with a new appreciation, since I now live in SoCal, where the book is set. I'm familiar with most of the places in the book, so it felt cooler somehow.

Read Water for Elephants. Great book, highly suggest it. It's a unique telling of a man's life in the circus and his relationships with people and an elephant. It was riveting! Totally unlike anything I'd ever read.

Bettie Page died today at the age of 85. Long live the Queen of Curves!!!

Finally saw Juno. It was cute. It wasn't as punishingly punny as I thought it would be, thank God. Turns out the writer has another film coming out in the next month, and the poster for it looks exactly like the HBO series True Blood poster. Hmmmm.

Speaking of True Blood, I read all the Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. Go for them. All 8 of them. NOW. I just wish Sookie would pick someone to fuck consistently.

True Blood was a kinda awesome show, but ended kinda poorly. I couldn't figure out where the hell they got half the season from, expounding on nonexistent shit from the novels. Still, they were fun to watch. And you get to see boobs, most notably of Anna Paquin and (very briefly) Michelle Forbes. (yes, Ensign Ro. THAT Ensign Ro. You wanted her boobs, you got 'em. But if you blink you'll miss it.)

I finally watched the last 3-part episode of the last season of LOST. For Fuck's sake, I have no idea how I'm gonna wait 6 more weeks to find out what happens!!! AAAAARARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! Come on, January 21st....

Uh, I think that's it. Working on the rewrite, holiday parties, workworkwork... c'est tout.

Until next time!