Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ech. I'm lame. But I'm here.

Hi all!

I've been, er, busy. Yes, I've been writing, too!

Money is nutsy bad right now, and I'm desperately trying to find a 2nd job. I think it'll happen soon. Anyway, much is going on! Since my last post I have:

-Managed to write 18% of a novel (18% of 50,000 words, at any rate). Tuesday and the Moon is coming along very well!
-Tidied up more plots and added 4 new ones!
-Adopted 2 turtles and a betta fish (Heraklitus and Barbossa Tortuga and Lorenzo the fish. Photos coming when I have a camera that doesn't suck.)
-Been working on my credit
-Got a gym membership and actually went to yoga class!
-Contacted old friends
-Had a bizarre 80's heartthrob / cocaine celeb week (more in a future post)
-Started hatching project ideas with friends
-Reignited my love of sushi
-managed to get my mom to stop speaking to me at all (without even trying!)
-got my butt on the phone with folks who needed calls
-semi-financed a trip to Atlanta in May (YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!)
-Started growing stuff. Basils, other herbs, calendula, 11 varieties of tomatoes (more posts later), fun funky garlics, many peppers and more!
-Learned that Garlic is even more awesome than I thought. Did you know that most garlic produces a flower? And that flower is actually teeny garlic cloves?? How rad is that???

So anyway, I live. I breathe. I'm catching up, I promise. It'd be helpful if I got a bum-kick from y'all sometimes...