Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stuff Jenna Likes

Welcome to the new segment: STUFF JENNA LIKES!
Here, at Stuff Jenna Likes, we review, well, stuff that Jenna likes. As in, likes, uses, buys, and thinks are good anough to recommend to you.

The current new love:

Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer

This is a new beverage available at Trader Joe's. It's $3.99 a 4-pack. There is no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)! Yay! Just cane sugar. It has a mellow, smooth root beer flavor. It's not overly fizzy, either. I need to buy more and turn them into floats. I'm cutting back on soda and trying to eliminate HFCS entirely, so these are a good splurge. I actually like these a little bit more than the Hansen's root beer, which also has no HFCS, but as these are a mite pricier, that's what I'd expect. Usually TJ's carries mostly diet Hansen's (ICK! Artificial sweetener!), so this is also great for a soda that I can be assured is available in non-diet form.

They also have a Cola version and an Orange Cream soda version. I tried the Cola version and did not like it at all. Tasted like diet. Blech. But this is not "Stuff that Jenna Does NOT Like", so I'll skip that review for now. In all fairness, Gabriel liked it.  I will try the orange version and get back to you.

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