Monday, May 24, 2010

CSA Boxes for Last 2 weeks - Ending May 22

Potatoes, thyme, strawberries, apriums, cabbage, romaine lettuce, grapefruits, radishes, carrots, and fava beans.

I should note that this was the tiniest cabbage head in the world...

Cute, eh?

After all that veggie-putting-awayness, I had breakfast! Yogurt with apriums, strawberries, cherries, and avocado honey:

And that leaves the most recent box:

Apriums, artichokes, english peas, carrots, red spring onions, leaf lettuce, rainier cherries, and chocolate mint.

I should say that a fair portion of those cherries didn't make it home. Hell, they didn't even make it the 5 minute drive to the farmer's market!

For those of you who are wondering what an aprium is, it's a plum / apricot hybrid, with about 75% of the genetics coming from the apricot side. It's pretty tasty, and I have a lot of them. I'll probably slice some and freeze them in mini cupcake wells for yogurt in the summer.

I have some upcoming posts that will expound on the virtues of a good, organic ramen, and how to spruce up your ramen noodles with fab veggies and meats! Meanwhile, I have to cook those ramens and eat them. I'll probably end up making a series of it, so stay tuned!

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