Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something New

I've been lax. I admit it. I have not kept up with "Something New" postings. Basically, the concept is that each week, I will try something new. I have still done many new things, just not posted about them.

I also realized how many of my New things involve food. Hmmmm.

So, what are some New things I've done or tried? Here are some since the last post:

Joined a CSA.
Invented a bread recipe (port wine swirl. num.).
Taken a Vegas trip with my love.
Played Blackjack at a real table for real money.
Worked with real artichokes.
Made a bunch of recipes from a single duck.
Ate yellowtail collar at a sushi restaurant (it was the bomb!).
Rendered and used duck fat. Rendered lard.
Made homemade cat food.
Bought a ceramic Neti pot and made my own blend for the water.
Made pancetta-wrapped asparagus.
Made from-scratch demi-glace.
Made pita bread.
Used Rhubarb in a recipe.
Wandered around the disused animal cages in an abandoned zoo.
Walked the entire length of the Las Vegas strip.
Cooked fresh morel mushrooms.
Successfully trapped a missing cat.
Baked bread on a grill.
Went to a farmer's market on a Los Angeles rooftop.
Saw the view from the Griffith Park Observatory.
Waited on Gary Sinise.
Waited on Nichelle Nichols (ZOMG!!!1!).
Kept my cool in a rude situation.
Lost my cool actually defending myself (a first!) in another situation.
Tried a new (to me) herb called za'atar.
Baked potatoes after coating them in bacon grease.
Stayed in a hotel room twice the size of my house.
Located organic ramen!
Successfully wrangled a free room upgrade.
Successfully salvaged melted chap-stick.
Dehydrated fruit in my car. Yes, intentionally and with good effect.
Eaten from excellent food trucks.
And last, I *think* I might have positively affected my grade in a class through delicate bribery - with jam.

Yep. I haven't posted, but I've been very busy!

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