Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pork pita and cheddar

This is the leftover pork stuffed in a homemade pita, with baby greens and a few slices of grass-fed New Zealand Cheddar on the side. NUMMY. I should note that I spent $12 on two large organic, hormone-free pork chops, and that was stretched into 5 servings, plus bones for stock. Not bad at all!

Making pita at home is really easy. I followed this basic recipe on one of my favorite food forums. Sniff around, and I'll bet you'll find something fantastic! Anyway, Gabriel and I destroyed the first batch of pita very quickly, so I made another batch two days later. For the time invested, it is a very good bread to make. I'll likely make some more soon, but with whole wheat. 

I should also note that I tend to make my doughs overwet and knead them via a method called French folding. You can find a video here on the folding technique. I don't have a Kitchen Aid mixer with dough hook (yet), so I do all of my kneading by hand. I've been trolling estate sales for a mixer, but I might have to wait and get one via my wedding registry. At any rate, a mixer makes the kneading part easier, but kneading itself is kind of relaxing, and I don't mind it so much.

If you haven't baked much before, give the pita a try! 
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