Thursday, April 29, 2010

CSA box for April 24

Yay, fava beans! But what to do with baby turnips? Hmmm...

The oranges on the right were free extras. The flowers are actually chamomile, and the basket has a bunch of loose chard. More potatoes and broccoli, and I still have all the 'taters from the last 3 weeks. I need to jump on this a bit more. Nothing's really going to waste yet, but my fridge is becoming a minefield of veggies. Perhaps it's time for potato leek soup and a French leek soup.

On the bright side, we are eating a ton more greens and lettuce. This is very, very good.

We've eaten from a couple of quality food trucks lately, but no fast food. We ate at a great sushi place the other night, and that was the first time we've eaten in a restaurant since our Vegas vacation three weeks earlier. This is good! Saving money is both tasty and healthy!

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