Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Works in Progress...

Hi all!

Just a progress report...

Been updating an older story, The Kill Lina Fund. I wrote it right after the divorce, and on looking back, it's quite good. Just needs polishing!

I'm still rocking out Tuesday and the Moon, and now it's going to be my focus for the 90 Day Novel workshop taught by Alan Watts. He wrote a really good book called Diamond Dogs, and he wrote it in 90 days. Pretty cool.

I'll keep everyone updated on how the workshop goes. I only have about 100 days until my birthday, so Tuesday has got to be finished by then. Fortunately, the workshop ends 6 days before my birthday. Kismet? Fate? Karma? Coincidence? You tell me.

Then, NaNo WriMo begins, and I'll probably start working on The Lineup, or maybe American Napoleon (Gotta change the 2nd title... too on the nose, I think).

You guys think I can bust out 2 novels before 2008 ends???? We'll see. Votes of confidence would be appreciated. :)

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