Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have been promoted!

I am now no longer the Goddess of Tomato Death!!! I am now the Goddess of Tomato Mediocrity!

Yeah, some promotion.

The baby hawaiian currant keeled over, so I'm now relying on the highly heat-stressed one to bear fruit. It probably won't bear much. One sweet pea currant seedling is alive, but not growing. Period. Damn.

I found a caterpillar curled up inside a jalapeno. He had already killed another one. He went in the trash bin. Wonder if this is the culprit who's been munching my lettuce. He's gone now, but I might need to take action...

I created 4 self-watering containers which have been populated with seeds and seedlings, so we'll see how they do. Unfortunately, I've had to move everything to the far less sunny side of the house. :( I'll be upgrading container size on a few seedlings to try to get them to grow. I need to buy a ruler, just in case I'm not noticing that they ARE growing.

Been using a lot of Great Big Plants and Neptune's Harvest fertilizers as foliar sprays. We'll see if they help. I've also been watering with the water from my turtle aquarium, but now that I'm using the self-waterers, that would be a bad idea to continue. Now I'll have to try building a greywater filtering system, maybe similar to a folkewall. Not sure that'll work in our current housing setup, but we'll see.

I'll work on some photos soon!

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