Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reasons networking sites just might be the spawn of Satan...

Ok, not spawn of Satan, really. Since Satan is a myth, that would make them myth-spawn. That's like Spawn of Cinderella or something. Not remotely frightening. OK, Cinderella spawn would indeed be threatening,

How about this: Social networking sites are the breeding grounds for all your worst nightmares: blasts from the pasts--as in the unwanted ones.

I cringe to think that old photos of me might surface. You know, the high school ones that we don't want to talk about. Like the ones back in the day when MTV was loaded with Winger videos. I was not attractive at the time. I promise. You don't need proof. You don't want to see proof. No one does.

But what did surface galls more. While surfing Facebook, I ran through my nephew's friends... and found my ex-husband's profile right next to mine. I don't even want to be next to him in the virtual world. I don't want to watch Buffy or baseball because I don't want to hear his fucking name. And right now, what I want more than all the world is a copy of the divorce decree that says I don't have to have his last name on my driver's license anymore. That would make me happy. That he was supposed to give me copies of all said paperwork is completely off the point. I don't have this one scrap, and I'm going to get a copy, goddamit! (preferably without any more air wasted by speaking to him)

I know that hating a last name associated with an unsavory person is akin to disliking Wagner's music just because Hitler liked him. It doesn't make much sense. But quite honestly, I think of it as my slave name, so now I want it gone. It lumped me in that group with him again, which is something that I've tried very hard to avoid. I stayed there too long like a willing schmuck. I'm no longer willing, so can I have a bit of separation, please?

I fixed the Facebook quirk. It now features my pen name. Good enough for now.

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