Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reflecting on getting older...

So tomorrow, I turn 32. I was born on the 31st, and I am finishing my 31st year, so I am leaving a certain amount of numerological significance behind as of tomorrow. Even though I'm considered old by a vast majority of the teenagers that come into the mall by my restaurant, I'm still quite young.

Funny, that.

I don't mind this ageing thing. That's probably because it's not so bad at the moment, and I'm not that wrinkled yet, but there you are.

Anyway, I'm making myself a promise, kind of like a new year's resolution. After all, it *is* a new year for me.

I'm promising myself that I'm going to have at least one novel finished (as in "I've reread the first draft, let it sit for awhile, and come back and reworked it a bit, and it's ready to pass to a couple of readers" kind of finished.) before I turn 33. No, writing two half-finished novels will NOT count!

I'd like to also add that I shall become more organized, add another part time job, start school again, and generally move forward. If possible, writing a couple of short stories and doing some editing work would be a lovely little cherry on top of my 32nd year.

33, with its lovely numerical symmetry, will be even better, I think. Here's to working on that.

'scuse me, I'm off to disembowel some orange gourds and do artistic renderings upon them in honor of the Halloween God...