Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Facebook wants my immortal soul and Dumbledore is gay.

Ok, shouldn't've signed up for Facebook. I keep up with a few friends, yes, but mostly I waste a lot of time playing Pirates. Don't ask. Found an old friend that I'd been hunting for years, tho!

Also, J.K. Rowling announced at a reading that Dumbledore is gay. I have but one response: Right the fuck on! That answers a lot of questions, but what I like is that by not revealing this in the plotlines of the books, she didn't make *that* the issue, but rather that he was a good guy, the most powerful wizard ever, mr. noble dude himself. Who happens to be gay. Me likey! Gays and Lesbians are everywhere, they're cool, and good peeps to boot!

I wanna be J.K. Rowling when I grow up. Hell, I'll take being 10% of Jo. That's still a hell of a lotta woman!

Which brings me to what *I've* been writing--or not writing to be more precise. I wrote a brief passage about hate to plop somewhere in the midst of a novel I'm working on. The temporary title is "Lilith's Anchor", but that's kind of wildly inaccurate to the story.

I write longhand. It just feels better that way. College rule paper. I'll type after I've written the damn thing.

So far, I've got 16 pages, single spaced, plus the bit about hate. I have a general-ish plotline for book 1, maybe book 2, and I know the main character ends up on Pluto at some point. She's cheeky and funny and wears funky pants. She's also smart and a vampire. Not a standard Anne-Rice-Man-Love kind of vampire, nor a Bram-Stoker-classic, nor a Nosferatu-lookin-badass-as-Willem-Dafoe kind of vampire, but a vampire. She's a superhero wannabe, but Superman isn't real, nor is she channeling him, as much as she might like to. She's getting used to her limitations. She's intriguing. I rather like her!

Oddest bit about this novel so far is that it incorporates a dream that I had when I was about 17. Been waiting for years to place this bit! It just sprung itself on me!

I have plans for 12 novels, screenplays, and stories, which is good. I wrote them all down with the basics just to get organized. That's good. Now, my slack ass needs to write.

Parts of me consider attcking something shorter first, so I may flit between a Dragonlance fanfiction short and the novel. Or, maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe when Gabriel is in class Wednesday, I'll write up a wee storm. Probably a good idea...

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