Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday dinner, 3/21/10

Pan-seared organic pork chops, steamed pea shoots, morel mushroom risotto (made with duck fat & stock), and pancetta wrapped asparagus. Pork chops from Whole Foods, Applegate Farms pancetta, pea shoots and asparagus from Abundant Harvest Organics - our delightful CSA - morels from the Calabasas farmer's market. I used Calrose sushi rice for the risotto. Waste not, want not! :D

Um, it ended up being WAY too much for us to eat, so I sliced the remaining pork for pita sandwiches. Gabriel also took the 2 remaining asparagus spears to snack on. I slipped the last 2 macarons in his lunch bag, too.

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