Monday, March 22, 2010

Duck, duck, no goose yet

So, this was Thursdays' dinner: Duck breast over chanterelle mushroom balsamic risotto. I more or less followed this recipe, but added chanterelle mushrooms and quattro formaggio instead of just parmesan.

These are the duck breasts I got off the whole duck I purchased at the Calabasas farmer's market. I made a duck ragú with the legs, stock with the bones, pita filling from the meat left on the bones, and tenderloins for my organic ramen noodles. I also rendered the fat and got 1 3/4 cup of pure ducky deliciousness. All for just $26. Not bad for pastured, organic, healthy duck which has been sustainably raised! Especially since I've seen 1 1/2 cups of duck fat alone available for $18.
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Deirdra Harris Glover said...

Oh, purr. I have a duck in the freezer. I still have some of the turkey incident.