Monday, February 16, 2009

Something New - a new series of posts!

Hi all! I'm starting a new series of posts. It's called "Something New!"

The story behind this is a fun one, and I decided that I wanted to share with you all. Maybe you'll be inspired to do something new yourself!

A few years ago, just post-divorce, I realized how much I had stagnated. Life was not what I wanted it to be. My ex only wanted me to cook 2 things, and both of them were tomato-based. I essentially had been cooking the same 2 dishes for 9 years. I was overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. I had no money and few positive life experiences.

After I met Gabriel, we did a few new things. For starters, I was unused to being treated well in a relationship. That was certainly new to me! But we did new things like trying new restaurants, new wines, going new places, and doing new things. I met new people and had new experiences. I heard new music, watched new films, and read new books. I was hooked!

So I made myself a promise: I will do at least one new thing a week! It can be simple or small, but it must be undone previously in this life as Jenna. Sometimes I've fallen short, but I have certainly done many new things!

In the past few years, some of my most poignant new things are:
-Finishing my first novel
-Making my first bread
-Trying Indian food for the first time (Oh, why wasn't this sooner?!?!?)
-Living out of the state of Georgia
-Standing up for myself
-Getting a new cat
-Volunteering at an animal shelter

More recently, I've made my first preserves, tried some new restaurants, and maintained blogs. But these are all new things designed to keep me vibrant and vital! I plan now to share them with you!

Try something new this week! Tell me about it here in the comments!

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