Monday, June 2, 2008

China, you gotta chill.

Ok, Pissed off.

Just read this article about rules that the Chinese government is imposing on people visiting for the Olympics.

I understand them issuing a pamphlet that says things like "Oh, by the way, we do things a little differently here. These certain behaviors or actions are illegal." I'm cool with reminding foreign visitors of certain laws. However, if it's only available in Chinese (the Olympics is in English and French, btw), what good is it?

And if they're trying to quell rightful protests, or limit the ability of athletes or visitors to speak their minds, then it's just wrong. To me, this means that they have skeletons in the closet that they don't want known. Seems to me that if you have skeletons, and don't want them known about, then don't apply to host the goddamn Olympics!

I have nothing against the Chinese people. If the Chinese people have chosen Communism for their way of life, then that's cool, too! That's their choice. However, I do NOT agree with the current methods of the current Chinese government, and I also do not agree with some of their choices surrounding the Olympics. I most certainly do not approve of the treatment of Tibet. For fuck's sake, the Dalai Lama has to get PERMISSION FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO REINCARNATE!!!! Seriously, how retarded is that?

But I digress.

My point? The government of China has set up some really asinine rules, so in return, I have exactly one rule for the government of China: Kiss my ass. I won't have anything to do with your mockery of a beautiful world event.

I'm pretty sure that one or two more people out there feel the same.

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